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Research and Development

As a leading research and innovation company we combine science and creativity in order to provide high quality products. The quality, safety, reliability, as well as the continuous monitoring of scientific research in the field of cosmetology and science are the basis of our work.

With guidance the fundamental principles of the company, the research and development department equipped with a technical laboratory of advanced technology and staffed with the most intelligent technical staff actively participates in the implementation of Evdermia Dermaceutical’s vision, which is to be at the top of science and technology trends and create original and innovative products that meet even the most specialized needs of the health scientists and the end consumer.


Evdermia Dermaceuticals product development team is actively participating in strategic planning and creating action plans in order to bring successful new products to the market. The primary goal, always in collaboration with the R&D department, is the implementation of our commitment: Design and development of high-demand dermocosmetic products that ensure quality, safety and efficiency.


The goal of the Research and Development department is to turn the vision into a unique idea. By strictly following the safety rules, we ensure that every Evdermia product is the result of a long-term study and careful selection of the composition. The raw materials that are used every time are the result of strict evaluation to ensure the excellent quality of our products.


Our company aims to be one of the most flexible companies in the industry. The study and evaluation of modern market trends are the trigger for the creation of innovative products that offer an effective solution and meet the requirements of the modern consumer.


Our main goal is the continuous evolution and development of an innovative portfolio of products. We always maintain the high quality of our products, which offer a safe and effective solution for the most specialized needs while at the same time consist of an important tool for the health scientists.

Evdermia Dermaceuticals product development teams are in direct collaboration with the R & D department in order to design and develop high-demand dermocosmetics. They participate in the strategic planning and the creation of action plans for the entry of successful new products in the market. Each product of Evdermia is the result of study and careful selection of the composition, which is followed by a strict selection of raw materials through cutting-edge evaluation methods.

Strict standards are applied to each product to control quality, safety and effectiveness. Collaborations have been developed with institutions in order to study and evaluate its products, as well as the exchange of information and new data concerning all types of cosmetic products. All products follow strict procedures to ensure safety, where each test is the prerequisite for the following tests. Stability test, compatibility test, clinical and dermatological tests. In the final stage they are tested to verify their effectiveness. Everything mentioned on the package is confirmed by clinical and organic tests.

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