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In the end, which is the perfect frequency to keep them shiny and strong?

So, how often should we wash our hair? It’s a question we have to ask our hairdresser or googled it. There are women who attribute their strong hair to the fact that they wash them once a week and others who say that they have shiny hair because they wash them every day.

How often you should really wash your hair?

The scalp is directly attached to the hair. As the face needs daily cleansing, so does the scalp, to make sure it stays healthy. On the other hand, if you have

rich, thick or curly hair, daily shampooing is not appropriate, because it will leave them dry and dull. Bathing may be less frequent in this case, with a cleansing shampoo.

How do we wash our hair correctly?

For starters, the correct shampooing is done in two doses. In the first, you focus on the scalp by gently massaging it for two minutes. After rinsing, continue with one more dose, this time focusing on the hair, again working with the shampoo for two minutes.

What happens when we don’t wash our hair very often?

Think of the oiliness and germs that accumulate on your face on a typical day. They accumulate exactly the same on the scalp. Not only will the hair look oilier, but the bacteria can have an effect on the hair follicles, gradually creating even hair loss.

It is also a myth that the more often we wash our hair, the more hair we lose. It is normal to lose a hundred hairs a day, which we see in shampooing. The rarely we bathe, the more we will see them fall since they all fall together.

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