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If you are aging or just too cautious of your air, then dealing with a hair loss problem shouldn’t be a new thing. The bad news is that if you are not losing your hair as a result of shaving, uncontrolled hair loss can sometimes be a nightmare. The good news is, there is a solution, and if you haven’t heard of Evdermia Dermaceuticals then you are yet to discover what you’ve been missing. 


Simple, if you are looking for a remedy that is proven to work 100% as specified by the manufacturer then your stop at Evdermia would make a big change. Doctors recommend its products and most importantly, users are more positive about the effectiveness of its products. Apart from hair care products, Ervedemia Dermaceuticals is also known to manufacture best remedies for Acne, Anti-aging and lastly, Skin complications. 

Over the years, the company is continuously producing new products that are supported by positive customer reviews for their effectiveness. The company is based in Greece but can be reached via Here are some of its hair loss products.


If you are looking for something safe and at the same time performs better in keeping your hair healthy and shiny, Palmogen Soft Gel might be the right answer to what you’ve been looking for. However, if you are a pregnant mother, below 18 years of age or under any medications, it is still advisable to consult a doctor before use.

Palmogen Soft Gel is simply a food supplement manufactured to treat hair loss problem. Here is a brief overview on the dosage. One capsule of the extract contains 295mg of oily acid and 25mg of Sterols.


Health experts recommend 320 mg of the supplement that is, one gel capsule each day for six months. For better results, it is recommended that you take the supplement after meals.



The Palmogen hair lotion is manufactured to keep the hair looking healthy, soft and glowing. It works best in preventing hair loss, hair thinning, hair brittleness, preveinting reduced hair growth and more.

According to health experts, the Palmogen Hair Lotion is among the safest hair supplements found on the market since it doesn’t affect human organism. It is also safe for children above ten years. It spreads smoothly and evenly on hair for easier absorption, hence an effective hair product. Here is how to use it effectively.

Palmogen Soft Gel is simply a food supplement manufactured to treat hair loss problem. Here is a brief overview on the dosage. One capsule of the extract contains 295mg of oily acid and 25mg of Sterols.



The Palmogen hair lotion should be sprayed six times, two times each day. The sandal Shampoo package contains a dispenser to make spraying easier.



Among the best remedies for hair loss is shampooing and no product does this better than Sandal Shampoo. The main purpose of the Sandal is to act effectively in regulating the sebum hence best for oily hair. Sandal shampoo works best as a sebum regulator, Dandruff prevention supplement, hair hydration and lastly conditioning of hair.




Sandal Shampoo comes with among the safest and most effective ingredients according to health experts. Among the ingredients are, Content 250 ml, Sandalwood Extract, Vitamin B Complex, Cysteine, Methionine, Pro-vitamin b5 and more. 



Most of the time your hair will get damaged due to lack of moisture. The Ceramis is simply a toning shampoo that works best in restoring hair damaged as a result of lack of moisture to its normal state as well as improving its texture. It is also a hair loss remedy used for hydrating, nourishing, making the hair elastic, repairing split ends and most importantly makes coming easier hence prevents hair loss.




Compared to other shampoo’s, the Ceramis shampoo comes with among the most powerful ingredients that have also been used to manufacture other supplements. They include,

* Hydrolyzed Wheat proteins and Keratin,
* Ceramides,
* Pro-vitamin B5,
* Vitamin PP,
* Fucogel,
* Yogurt condensate and more.

In summary, Evdermia Dermaceuticals works best in producing the best hair care products at an affordable price. According to customer and heath expert reviews, Evdermia products are safe, affordable and most importantly, works as specified by the manufacturers.

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