Silken Face BB Day Cream

Suitable for all year round, with high SPF 30 protection index and UVA protection ***
Silken Face BB Day Cream
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Palmogen Multi Caps

Photo of the product Silken Face BB Day Cream

Silken Face BB Cream

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Palmogen Soft Gel

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Palmogen Hair Lotion


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Oily/ Acne Prone Skin

Products suitable for oily skin, acneic or with a tendency to develop acne.

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hair care products

Products that help you to maintain your hair and also that prevent hair loss

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anti-ageing products

Products that help your skin to remain young and prevent wrinkles.

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skin care products

Innovative products that help to restore skin's natural balance.

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about evdermia

Evdermia, creates original and innovative dermatological products, manufactured and packaged in certified laboratories with high standards as defined by the Greek Organization for Medicines (EOF).

With presence in the dermatological products since 2005, our sales record rise continuously. The evolution and development of innovative products combined with high-quality standards have resulted in the company to maintain high growth.

Alongside the profitability recorded is satisfactory, enabling the company to expand it’s export activity and produce new dermatological products.

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Evdermia Associates

Evdermia products are available in Greece, Albania, Kossovo, Cyprus, Russia, Lebanon, Serbia and Montenegro.

In the countries where Evdermia Ltd operates, is working with pharmaceutical companies providing the best possible service to doctors, pharmacies and all customers of Evdermia products. If you are interested in becoming one of our partners, please contact us.


To develop and supply the market with original and innovative products.


Be famous apart from our competitors for the quality of our products and the high level of our services.


To be one of the most flexible and best companies in our industry.


To have us concern the creation and development of ideal relations with suppliers and customers.



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