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About Evdermia LTD

Evdermia was founded in 2005.
It includes Evdermia Dermacuticals that is active in the field of dermatology with its own production of innovative and advanced Dermatological formulations that help and provide solutions to skin dermatologist; and Evdermia Healthcare in the healthcare sector by providing high-quality medical devices, medical supplies and homecare services.
In Evdermia, we build relationships of trust with both Doctors and those who use our products.
Evdermia’s dynamic is the result of its significant position in the Greek market and helps to achieve its primary goal by providing high-quality services and direct customer service.
With responsibility, Evdermia is committed to continuing its significant contribution to the service of the public through pharmacies while continuing to initiate and create new horizons in the business sector where it is active in improving the quality of human life.

Evdermia’s Values


Our Mission

  • Be famous apart from our competitors for the quality of our products and the high level of our services.
  • To develop and supply the market with original and innovative products.
  • To be one of the most flexible and best companies in our industry.
  • To have us concern the creation and development of ideal relations with suppliers and customers.


In the countries where Evdermia Ltd operates, is working with pharmaceutical companies providing the best possible service to doctors, pharmacies and all customers of Evdermia products.
If you are interested in becoming one of our partners, please contact us.


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