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Dermatological Products
Compliance with the Greek Drug Organisation (EOF) Produced and Packed in GMP Certified Laboratotories All products
Silken Face BB Day Cream (NEW) Deep Hydration Covers the marks Acne Freckles Sunscreen and moisturizing
face cream with color
Against Oiliness Click Here Photoaging
Silken Face Day Cream Moisturising - Sunscreen face cream offering
high protection SPF 40 and high UVA protection***
Acne prone skins For all skin types Long-lasting moisturisation Great makeup foundation More Details
Ato Cream Body (New Product) Body cream for skin reconstruction
with moisturizing, soothing and
healing properties.
Dry Skins Senile Pruritis Sunburnt After Sun Deep Hydration Atopic Dermatitis Psoriasis Photodermatitis Laser More Details
Ceramis Shampoo Toning Shampoo. Drydamaged and normal hair. Xerodermia Colored Hair Hair Loss Frequent Shampooing Tendril Damaged Hair Click Here

Evdermia Product Categories

Acne Products

Products suitable for oily skin, acneic or with a tendency to develop acne.

Acne Products

Caladerm mask
Caladerm cream
Palmetin cream
Caladerm cleanser
Caladerm cleanser

Anti-Ageing Products

Products that help your skin to remain young and prevent wrinkles.

Anti-Ageing Products

Silken face serun

Hair care and hair loss Products

Products that help you to maintain your hair and also that prevent hair loss.

Hair care and hair loss Products

Palmogen Hair Lotion
Palmogen Soft Gel
Ceramis shampoo
Sandal Shampoo

Skin Care Products

Innovative products that help to restore the skins natural balance.

Skin Care Products

Ato Cream

Evdermia Featured Products


Caladerm Lotion

The Caladerm Lotion thanks to its ingredients it is ideal for oily and acne prone skin.


Silken Face Serum

Silken Face Serum is an innovative product using state-of-the-art active ingredients providing, hydration, nutrition and oxygenation to the skin. It protects and regenerates, tightens, and reduces wrinkles.


Caladerm Cream

Caladerm cream facing acne symptoms quickly and effectively.


Caladerm Cleanser

Liquid cleanser for oily, combination and acne-prone skin.

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Evdermia, creates original and innovative dermatological products, manufactured and packaged in certified laboratories with high standards as defined by the Greek Organization for Medicines (EOF).

With presence in the dermatological products since 2005, our sales record rise continuously. The evolution and development of innovative products combined with high-quality standards have resulted in the company to maintain high growth.

Alongside the profitability recorded is satisfactory, enabling the company to expand it’s export activity and produce new dermatological products.

You can find all our products in pharmacies.

In the countries where Evdermia Ltd operates, is working with pharmaceutical companies providing the best possible service to doctors, pharmacies and all customers of Evdermia products.
If you are interested in becoming one of our partners, please contact us.

ISO 9001 : 2015

Evdermia creates original and innovative dermatological products. The products are produced and packed in GMP certified laboratotories of high standards in compleance with the Greek Drug Organisation (EOF) requirments.Evdermia products offer a guaranteed solution for meeting skin care needs.

Our product categories are:

  • Oily skin, acneic or with a tendency to develop acne
  • Hair care including hair loss and skin care
  • Anti-ageing products
  • Skin Care

Evdermia products are available in the following countries:

  • Greece
  • Albania, Kossovo
  • Cyprus
  • Russia
  • Lebanon
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro

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