Evdermia creates original and innovative dermatological products. The products are produced and packed in GMP certified laboratories of high standards in compliance with the Greek Drug Organisation (ΕΟΦ) requirements.

Evdermia products offer a guaranteed solution for managing skin care needs.

There is an ongoing pipeline research by Evdermia for the design and development of new products, to meet the high expectations of doctors and consumers.

  • Silken Face Day CreamSιlken-daycreamII

    Silken Face Day Cream

    Moisturising – Sunscreen face cream (can be used throughout the year) offer high protection SPF 40 and high UVA protection***

  • silken_face_serum_descriptionSilken Face

    Silken Face Serum

    Silken Face Serum is an innovative product using state-of-the-art active ingredients providing, hydration, nutrition and oxygenation to the skin. It protects and regenerates, tightens, and reduces wrinkles.